To support the students, parents, and personnel of Clyde Hamrick at the school and community level. To this end, we strive to : raise money by special projects for school improvements; promote fellowship within the school; supply information about Hamrick PTO; stimulate participation in school activities; and foster cooperative relationships between parents and teachers.


Do you have a question about Hamrick's PTO? Please feel free to contact our Executive Board.

Our Executive Board

President                      Natalie Mednik              nataliejokerst@aol.com 
Vice-President             Karen Mobley               huskyptovicepresident@gmail.com
Treasurer                     Vicki Fitzgerald             huskyptotreasurer@gmail.com 
Secretary                      Gina Hermann             hamrickhuskiespto@gmail.com
SCRIP Officer              Nikki Harris                 huskyptoscrip@gmail.com